Our Society had been Taken to the Precipice for a Purpose

Beginnings of a Planet of Regeneration

Spiritism has notified us that the Earth is beginning the transition from a planet of atonement, where we go through trials in our current life paying for wrongs in our previous life, to a planet of regeneration, where we are freer of the turbulent trials and are able to spend time in productive education as opposed to our current state of replacing our primitive urges with more civilized sentiments.

If it were not for the knowledge that we, as collective humanity, are commencing the great transformation, I would surmise that the pandemic, the power grab by the elites, the bare corruption and incompetence exposed by many governments were just one more lesson in the futility of imperfect humans ruling our planet. Instead, we are being set up.

In many countries, but in particular the lack of reasonable governance in Western Europe and North America, the decay of society and the seemingly triumph of Marxist philosophy and the deliberate destruction of the family feels as if we are past the point of no return.

Many have lost hope, some are ready to fight, and others (always a considerable percentage) are totally oblivious and ready to listen to the propaganda without any critical thinking. To those who are preparing to resist or have abandoned all confidence in the future – you are in the right place. You may not like it, but you have realized the extent in which our society has decayed. When the tide turns, and it shall, you will be a productive participant in our collective renewal. Hang on.

Awaken the Sleeping

The spirit realm, under the direction of Christ, knows full well the emotions of the people. So well in fact, that the spirit world understands that until the majority of those slumbering under the full panoply of misinformation open their eyes, any course correction will be woefully temporary.

The spirit realm has allowed the forces of ignorance and destruction to completely invade our institutions – government, local schools, colleges, and places of worship. To the extent that the old establishments are not merely incompetent but explicitly destructive. Governments now believes the people serve them, not they the people (like the old Catholic Church). Local schools ape the current materialistic and anti-family culture, setting up students to be completely mislead in colleges and universities. While churches actively push their members to bow down to whatever is popular or the latest dictate from government.

Jesus said it best, when tired of the debate amongst his disciples, about the lack of bread, he told them, “Having eyes do you not see, and having ears do you not hear? And do you not remember?” Imagine the disciples, witnessing the healings, visions, and words of Christ, then automatically reverting to old thinking when they feel they are missing food – even when just recently sustenance was delivered to them!

Many of us are the same, we go through life expecting to be led and are too lazy to open our eyes, ears, and use our brains to analyze the situation. The fact that successful institutions are crumbling before our eyes and sending nations into death spirals is completely opaque to them.

Hence, the problem needs to be shoved right under their noses, so the slumbering horde will notice the world disintegrating around them. Only then will people shake off their comfortable sloth and act – action to remove the incompetent and power-hungry leaders with wise souls who take to heart the good of the people and are spiritually mature enough to comprehend the right course to follow.

The Transformation

What we are going through is not new, empires have collapsed before, whole societies have self-destructed before. Ordinarily, western culture would follow the trajectory to collective suicide and a new influence would emerge.

This will not happen in this cycle. The last trends will not hold. Because an entirely new direction will be set, that of spiritual enlightenment and all that it entails. Responsible leadership, government, learning institutions, and religious centers shall all be transformed in a cerebral and spiritually emotional revolution.

A transformation that is intended to be the beginning of the beginning – the initial commencement of the journey to a planet of regeneration.  Some may call it a new spiritual era or other names. In essence, it shall be when the good lead and others learn from their example so that in the future, there is no “leading” per se, but only guidance. Nevertheless, for this initial period, leaders must emerge.

This period will not be smooth or easy, since human society is shedding decades and centuries of misinformation, but it shall begin. The souls who still wish harm have not been utterly defeated, they will come back to make trouble, but each successive time, they will be vanquished faster and more efficiently.

Spirituality and the knowledge that we are God’s Divine Creatures who should follow a set of Divine Laws will be merged with our culture and technology. Crass materialism shall be lessened. Spiritual bounty, instead of material wealth, will be admired and be the beacon to be followed.

Be patient, the wait shall be worth it. Enjoy the show and take heart. God and Jesus loves you and are planning the best path for your edification.

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