You May Be the One Assisting Others, Not the Other Way Around

In the book, Between Heaven and Earth, psychographed by Francisco C. Xavier, there is a passage where spirits are in a home talking about a fourteen-year-old girl, sitting quietly in a chair in a corner embroidering initials on a linen handkerchief. A spirit pointed her out and remarked:

"She has come to meet other persons and situations she needs in order to ascend spiritually, but she has also brought with her the task of assisting her parents. At the moment, she believes her mother is the one doing the assisting, but because of her spiritual merit, she is actually the one that is assisting her still-struggling mother."[i]

Did you grow up in a family where sometimes you thought you were the only adult? You tried to help your parents, but it was difficult to bring them to their senses? Well, take heart, you probably volunteered for the duty, even though it may have left you slightly confused on how you could have come from that set of parents. Whatever the case, you were blessed with a chance to help those in need.

[[i]]  XAVIER, Francisco C. Between Heaven and Earth, EDICEI, p. 19